So a lot of my life has been influenced by everything. My life has been influenced by life. Sounds weird (yes I know), but behind the scenes my motto is “Everything Happens For A Reason”. Therefore – here’s the reasons behind my everythings.

Lifestyle. Now I’ve had my fair share of life experience so far and I still am. It’s a consistent learning curve that makes you question the world and their motives but it’s how you deal with everything that counts. What’s your hope, your light, your strength? They’re the 3 things you have to focus on the most today. Mine? Going out, being in parks, watching movies and above all – eating and drawing. Yep, it can be as simple as that but it’s a form of expression and sometimes that’s all you need.

Graphic Design & Illustration. This has been probably the most important aspect of my life ever. It may not seem like much, but to me it’s been a life saver, almost literally. I draw to express myself and my love for intricacy and the finer details in life because that’s what life is about – the smaller, more beautifully intricate things that not that many people pay attention to, except the odd 1 or 2 in a 100. It’s natural my love for anime came from Japanese Manga and Anime (the likes of Dragonball Z and Pokemon) as well as artist Jenn Porreca. But my love for intricacy came across my in Year 10 when I researched into Johanna Basford. Her work was motivational, and I know one day I will reach that stage too, but until then my art will forever be a work in progress. I suppose it may always be, but I’ll forever be happy trying.

Fashion. Now I have some seriously strong opinions about this because of the media and how they portray appearance/fashion and how the models in the magazines are always so slim and the world has a fixation on being stick thin. But what’s the point in dressing how every other person in the world does, dress for yourself first then everyone else after. I know everyone says “dress to impress” – so impress yourself. If you have a “rags day” as I like to say, have one. If you have a love for Converses and all things sneaker like, embrace it. Dare to be different and stand out. Be inspired by those around you but make everything your own, it’s the best way to leave a mark in this ever-expanding world.


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