Simran Ghatt

Helloo there! This I suppose is my little blog about pretty much anything and everything. It’s nothing fancy and it’s not as extravagant as it could be (yet!) but it’s here and it kind of just shares my life.

I suppose I’m your not-so-average person. I haven’t gone to uni and I’ve switched between a good amount of job roles, but now back in a 9-5 life and living down in South East London! I’m quite creative and a gym freak and I’ve been taught and learnt to look on the positive side of life, “everything happens for a reason”.

Simran GhattDespite the pictures here – I wear glasses and have super curly hair! I used to have braces at the age of 15 and got them taken off before my 16th birthday and I have a super huge addiction to trainers.

I’m now becoming obsessed with clean eating and cooking but it doesn’t mean I stopped loving cake and brownies. I guess the rest you’ll learn by reading!


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