Meet this innocent blob – her name is Simran, born in 96, true Gemini, indecisive at the best of times, forever in a world of her own and always dream catching, however quickly she decides to make them change.

She grew up in a world where phones weren’t given out until you were around 13, Instagram didn’t exist, Facebook was brand new, you could play in the park until 10pm in Summer and not even be worried about it because the world wasn’t safe, it wasn’t, it still isn’t but it was nowhere near as f*cked up as it is today.

Kids today are more exposed and vulnerable than we ever have been. We openly share our lives, our whereabouts, who we’re with and where we go munch. And then you see all this fucked up shit on the news about kids being kidnapped, killed, drugged, left for dead, being sold out! What the f*ck happened to us? What the f*ck happened to humanity? People forget to realise we as human beings belong to someone one way or another – as a mother, brother, sister, father, friend, husband, wife, daughter, son, child, loved one, all because somebody had a bad day or week, they got down & out and felt pressurised, they needed the money or were forced to do it. We lose our own lives to someone else over a comment, a post, a like, something we saw on the news on Facebook.

So my question to the world is who the hell are you, what do you want to actually do or become? People forget we have dreams, we all want to become somebody, make a mark on the world one way or another, even if it’s just to one person. So why do people feel they have the right to take that away from someone?

A huge inspiration to me recently told me about a concept they wanted to do, to thank a bunch of inspirational people out there for being them, and influencing even just a small part of the world in the way they do, and told me about a ‘pay it forward card’ – paying someone a compliment, however big or small, passing on a positive vibe. And you know, in that moment, I fell in love with us as human beings and with humanity again, he gave me hope that there’s still a chance for some of us in this world to try and do the right thing and have a positive mindset and treat people as human beings. He’s my biggest inspiration, has been for the last 2 years and always will be, for without him I wouldn’t be where I am today, he inspired me to open up, share my opinions with the world and pay it forward too. I just hadn’t noticed all this time until he reminded me of who I was, and what I wanted to do.


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