“we crave absolutes, they comfort us, but life is infinitely more complex than that” – if you’ve seen it, you’ll know that I just quoted an episode of Riverdale.

Being caught up on the series, it’s made me question so much – maybe because the age range of the characters in the show are closely related to my own age, but why do we crave absolutes? Who do we have to feel in control, take comfort in reassurances, is it the perception of so much possibility that instills fear into every single one of us?

It’s inevitable, I know this, I’d be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t fear anything, truth be told, I fear a lot of things, of things going wrong, dreams being out of reach, people leaving my life and so much more, I’ve recently had to deal with a few of them. But it’s how we are brought up, it’s what keeps a burning desire alive, love and passion there in our hands for it to lead the way. I for one, am a perfectionist to a degree and a control freak for some aspects in my life – I need routine and to-do lists, I have to have a plan, some direction, a path to follow to lead the way marked out for me something to help keep me sane in a world as mixed up and as messy as ours is.

But then I heard another line, that even those closest to you can be monsters too, and again, it’s another fear I have, we all have too, but it scares me how truthful it is. There’s a lot I’ve seen in life so far to make me question how many monsters I’ve meet in the world, in all forms and every single one of them has been a lesson that maybe I haven’t even come across yet, but isn’t it crazy how one series or show can open your eyes to so much without even realising?

Perfectionism, ideals, shame, fear, acceptance, betrayal, loyalty, love, they’re all such controversial things, so I guess this is the beginning of me opening up about all of it and sharing my view – this may begin to turn spoken or visual, I’m still battling a fear of maybe considering a YouTube channel like I mentioned in my life update status. But it’s something I feel quite strongly about – speaking about ‘taboo’ or ‘controversial’ things, I feel it’s something we don’t speak enough about these days, and ironically, they’re all topics that are the bread and butter of each day. Things we come across so naturally, yet refuse to voice them.


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