Hey guys – it’s been far. far too long. So quick life update as I’m actually planning to do a lot more with myself including this blog this year… let me bring you up to speed:

  • I’ve officially moved from Leicester to Gravesend (I’m working towards East London next!)
  • I’ve now got a new job in a Digital Marketing Role in East London – I start Friday!
  • The role I did move to Gravesend for wasn’t right for me – it was Gym Supervisor but felt more like Gym Membership Sales – so I stuck around for 3 weeks and then left
  • I’m still into FOREX trading – its been a journey truthfully, I have experienced the risky sides of it but the wins are still outweighing the losses and I’m attending more events across London which are cropping up weekly – you can read and maybe attend one yourself too by finding out more here
  • I’ve launched my work for sale on RedBubble and Society6 and it’s still all going on my website too with new pieces uploaded often!
  • I’ve begun offering freelance social media management, blogging & graphic design services – again, more to find out about on my website!
  • I’m currently sat on the floor working on my first new portrait vector piece that is proving to be the biggest challenge so far that I’ve begun
  • And to sum it all up – I’ve been mad busy and going through a lot, mentally and emotionally – its proving to be a year of self reflection and personal development and growth to be honest – it’s crazy. But theres a lot of goals I’ve set for myself this year – you can follow along my journey of course on my socials:

Instagram Personal: @simranghatt | Instagram Art: @simmyghatt
Twitter: @simmyghatt
Facebook Page: Simmy Ghatt

Guys serious question though – I’ve been doing a lot of goal setting, big talks, topic debates and discussions – what would you guys think to me doing a YouTube channel? Comment down below – base it off what you see on my social – would you guys wanna see & find out more on me & my life and other topic debate type things?


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