Portrayals : Social Media


So I bet you’re all thinking – wow, Well this blog seems awfully deep for a chick who’s been practically non existent for so long. 

Truth be told, I sort of lost my love for blogging for a little while and I began to push my instagram instead. But it’s from doing that where I realised I have a voice, and I don’t demand it to be heard or anything like that, but I simply wanted to share it. But the first thing that triggered it all off, was a thought, why do we care so much about what people think of us? Now I know that had 0 flow and made probably no sense, but it’s just a thought, a simple one that made me realise holy damn I have so much to say but people on instagram don’t care for long posts or essays, they care about likes, and your appearance, and how good your feed looks etc. Now I’ve worked in agencies, I did social media management and to the extent of searching for bloggers and even “allowing” some because of the fact their feed didn’t look great – but they could may well have had the best engagement and conversion rates. We judge so much on appearance these days on platforms we only use because it makes us feel socially accepted and popular with people we don’t know and strangers who with some we may never meet. Why do we care so much about what people think? 

We care about what we upload for the amount of likes a post will get, we care about how many friends we have on Facebook and accept strangers who treat the platform like tinder, we care about what we say for how many retweets it gets against your peaceful loving one you shared the other week. Social media encouraged this idea of being “popular” and “famous”, and I wonder how many of those people with 100k followers feel truly happy, feel like they can connect with atleast 10% of their followers on such a personal level? I know it sounds hypocritcal, me sharing this on a social platform amongst my other ones, instagram being one of them, but isn’t it funny how we soon start basing our lives around what we upload, what we comment, what posts we like and repost, who we follow and aspire to be like because “soandso on instagram has 550k followers and they look so pretty and I need to buy this product to make me pretty because they’re promoting it.”

You see so many people share the post “Social media lies” and I swear it’s so damn true. People upload all these fancy cars and high end designer label watches and handbags, they could be bloody fakes for all we know or toy replicas done so well, or even be in a damn showroom, but they lead us to believe that’s their lifestyle and it creates a sense of jealousy, inadequacy, disappointment, depression and so many others thinking we have to be able to post about high end things for us to get more engagement. We have to live a high lifestyle because Becky from 3 doors down uploaded a picture of her LV Handbag earlier and I don’t have one. 

I’m quite open and honest on my social media, I don’t privatise my life although I did for a little while when I was with my ex (his instruction; definitely not my preference) and I regularly upload my gym progress, my food, my date days with my other half and constantly upload on Instagram story – why? Because I want people to see my life, the things I get up to and what I do in a day, the places I go and the people I see, to prove that social media can be as normal and boring as your daily life is (sorry if your life is genuinely not boring and I just said that). I’ve now began to use my instagram as a way to influence, to question, to make more kids my age wake the hell up and lose these insecurities that social platforms create. To cut the crap and stop the bullying that happens because of a post they uploaded last week, to make more people my age, younger and older to wake the hell up and smell the coffee. We share our lives without thinking twice then ask the question why depression and anxiety is more common now than it ever has been? It’s this fad of what’s being portrayed on platforms we look at when we wake up, when we go to sleep, when we can’t sleep, when we should be learning about how to educate ourselves and our future families, when we’re supposed to be spending time with a loved one but too busy liking another person’s family photo. The more and more we see some ideal, the more and more it becomes subliminal, playing in a 12 year olds mind that they must look a certain way or dress provocatively because it attracts attention.

So my question to you, why do we all care so much about what the hell we upload on social media?


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