FOREX Trading – Work For Yourself, Make Money While You Sleep.

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Ever read all those Instagram posts and Facebook sponsored ads about making money from home and how someone went from rags to riches in like 10 days making millions? Well I can’t promise you’ll make millions in 10 days, but I can promise you can make a good few bucks daily – without having to do sod all except go about your daily life and check an app.

Sound interesting yet? (I swear to you this isn’t a scam).

So – if you’re all wondering – well damn Sim went off the scene and now she’s back and she’s writing about FOREX and working for yourself and making money while I sleep, what the heck is wrong with this girl?! – Yeah I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that, but I’ve recently got into FOREX trading, and it’s one of the best flipping things I have ever discovered in my life (so far anyway)!

It does have a sign up fee and a monthly fee – however the monthly fee can be waivered – refer 2 people you know and you never have to pay the monthly fee again. Still sounds too good to be true right? Yeah I know, just read on.

So allow me to explain who, how, what, when & why. 

What – Alright, FOREX trading is short for FOReign EXchange, the trading side – is basically making money off currency conversions. Sounds simple enough, now you’re wondering how the heck do you do that?!

Who & How – So my genius other half and his mates got me into this, via Nadeem (one of the coolest guys ever) and a company called IMarketsLive (established in 2013 – website – You simply register with IMarketsLive here and fill in your details – selecting the Platinum Plus package (it does cost $235/£180 to sign up) but it does give you access to a variety of trading tools –
– Auto Trader : allowing an experienced trader from the US to trade for you so you don’t have to do anything at all apart from check the trader app daily!
– Harmonic Scanner : shared by the CEO himself, it allows you to identify the best trades in the market so you can trade manually with only the lowest risk possible so you don’t lose out on hundreds like other trading apps make you do!
– Swipe Trades : replicate the auto traders trades yourself to practice manually trading and make an extra few quid quicker than the auto trader by copying the same values given into a new trade
– IMLTV : tune into live and recorded sessions with the traders themselves as they teach you how to use iML and trade yourselves copying what they do whilst they explain the harmonic scanner and how to use and trade values
– & there’s more including IML academy, FX Signals & Swing Trades – a pool of knowledge ready for you to access there and then!

Once your signed up to IML – you then register with (if you’ve reached this stage – please email me on and we go through the next steps to activate your broker account! Your broker account is where you deposit your money and allow your trader to start trading for you – this is where you begin to make money in your sleep! The bonus – is FCA regulated and UK based and you have access to withdraw your money at any time with no issues.

When & Why – everything is online based and is a great way to make a sideline stream of money alongside your current day job. It’s safe, FCA regulated and used by 100’s of people worldwide every single day, but hardly any of them share it because they’re super greedy and don’t want people to make money! I do – I never understand why people are sceptical to see others succeed just because they are, it’s a dog eat dog world, why do we want to see people fail?

Writing this blog today – I’ve now been doing this for exactly 11 and a half days and have so far made a £51.43 profit with trading only being 5 days a week. It’s extra money I didn’t have in my bank account before so for me, it’s pure profit.

If you’re interested or even just want to find out more – give me a shout! I’ve kept this brief as I know information overload is seriously off-putting and boring and sounds like crap, but if the thought of investments, making money while you sleep and stress-free income sounds good and like a dream – email me: or add me on Skype with the same email address listed and we can chat further! If you’re already convinced enough and have already done your homework and want to jump straight in – also Skype me and we’ll get you through the sign up process!


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