Hybrid Youth Market – #simmyghattxvikkainth – Sat 27th May, Leicester Market

Graphic Design & Illustration

Hey guys, apologies I feel like every blog should start off with the reason why I keep disappearing! I know I keep saying I’ve had a lot on and so much to do and think about – this post is one of the reasons why! 

So me & my other half – if you follow me on Instagram you would already know that this man in my life goes by the name of Vik Kainth (- if you don’t then go follow @simmyghatt) were lucky enough to be apart of something so amazing and special that took place in Leicester on Saturday 27th May at Leicester Market. It was called the Hybrid Youth Market – hosted by The Community Giants which was basically a platform for today’s youth to in a sense change the way society views us all, but allows 16-25 year olds have experience of what it’s like in a day of work of different trades, and opened their eyes a little to just a pinch of the opportunities that are actually out there and all within their reach. 

So one of my good friends who is part of the team approached me and asked if me & Vik would be on board to showcase our artwork! Now lately I’ve been getting into drawing my mandalas A LOT and Vik’s been pulling out some more CRAZY designs and pieces, so we jumped up and said yes of course – and here began the day!

Vik was showcasing a select range of his artwork focusing on his cultural pieces and Mughal style artwork – whereas mine was alllllllll mandalas! Even in A6 greeting card form – which were basically the days bestsellers for me! Although I have actually released a range of limited edition prints which are so limited, there’s only up to 4 copies of each print, signed and numbered! Our setup was amazing – admittedly it had to keep changing throughout the day as we had a lot of serious wind issues, but it looked so vibrant and colourful, honestly it was amazing! If you’re on my twitter (@simmyghatt) or insta you would have been seeing all the shares, reposts and uploads that were going on and the live feeds – me & Vik had so much fun!

ITV Central came down alongside Leicester Mercury so The Community Giants got the coverage they deserved for putting together something as meaningful and creative as this! There were loads of other stalls – free planters for the over 65’s, jewellery, woodcrafted products, incenses, candles, bags & scarves, for a 2nd time event – it smashed it! & For my first time ever doing something like this, I couldn’t have been more happier to share the event with Vik and have him support me but also know some amazing human beings in this world who want to help and push me further and provide me with opportunities like the Hybrid Youth Market to do so. It’s definitely inspired me to push my artwork and mandalas further, refine what works and doesn’t, introduce colour to my pieces and definitely come out with a range of colourful cards that are available to use for any reason at all!

So without further ado – I’ll leave the pictures to explain the rest…


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