Mandala #5 – Thai Fusion

Graphic Design & Illustration

Guys – I was so psyched to share this one with you! I did my first ever Thai Inspired Mandala yesterday! I have to give credit to the other, he did give me the idea after all and pushed me consistently to do it and gave me constant reassurance, support and motivation to keep going, but I’m so so so proud of this one!

I’ve got huge ideas coming up with it, including vectoring it and making it a part of a surprise piece too! Although, when searching for my first initial references I came across loads of elements that I so badly wanted to include but couldn’t draw perfectly, so I settled on deciding to make a whole vector series of Thai Inspired Prints that will soon be up for sale on my online store – YES! BIG NEWS! I’ve decided to go into selling my Mandalas as prints!!!! Cannot wait and I’m so excited to be able to now share them all with you!

Keep an eye and literally watch these spaces and all the updates will ALWAYS be on my instagram – if you’re not already, follow me on @simmyghatt 🙂


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