Guru Nanak Dev Ji Mandala – Artist Collaboration

Graphic Design & Illustration

Hey guys! I’m conscious I’ve disappeared off the scene again – apologies, I’ve been working at the gym more than usual and bringing my illustrations up to scratch which are all going to be uploaded shortly! Well, soon anyway. But I had to share this one with you first – I’m working on a few new things within the next few weeks, I’ve decided 2017 is my year to do trials and errors and find out what works and doesnt. Anyhow – check it out!

Amazing right! So I teamed up with my better half again to produce this STUNNING piece – his recent Guru Nanak Dev Ji vector alongside Japanese inspired trees and birds overlayed onto my most recent Mandala which I timelapsed and uploaded to my instagram – you can check that out below too! 

So there’s more colour variations etc etc which unfortunately I can’t share until he uploads them too but keep an eye out for the uploads on both of our instagram pages for them – @simmyghatt & @vik.kainth and the piece will be available to buy from Viks store super soon –


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