So as you can probably tell – I’ve literally just revamped this place! Part of my whole motivational spark thing again that I’ve got going, I felt like my life on here could do with a new spark of life too…

So I’m working on a few more things to share with you all, including potentially going into VIDEO BLOGGING! (Big deal for me!) Ok well when I say video blogging I mean more towards the gym side of things i.e home workout vids etc – what do you guys think? Yay? Nay? (Comment & let me know!)

Oh also have to share – totally did my first half gym instructor / half PT session last night… OVER SKYPE! It went really well – of course my other half was my trial pig for it, but he’s on a goal to lose weight this year and maintain a healthy appearance – not to get shredded but look and feel confident about himself, so we launched him into my arm workout routine to start with… safe to say he smashed it and did really well for quite an intense workout for a beginner! So I’ll be dropping his progress on here too at appropriately timed intervals (more so he doesn’t kill me if he realises I share him while he’s feeling a bit tubby), but if you guys/girls/people of all types and ages are looking to switch up your Bicep & Tricep routine – definitely give my routine a go and let me know how you get on :: Tricep & Bicep Workout by Simran Ghatt

Anyhow – catch up with you guys soon, and keep an eye on that top left box for new updates!



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