Mermaid Hair


So another quick update needed as to what I’ve been up to lately! – I WENT BLUE! I know the last hair update I did, I had a full fringe… well safe to say that only lasted for all of 1 month to be precise before I reverted back to my usual side fringe.

However, I’ve always wanted to go blue without bleaching my hair, so v1 of this was the Schwarzkopf ‘Cosmic Blue’, which was almost like midnight blue, black on the surface until the light hits and *shineeeeeeee!* Except now of course, I took on their So I 2-in-1 pastels or shine ‘Electric Blue’ to brighten up my hair, again without bleaching, and my hair in the light is now bright blue (or as bright as possibly can be!)

So I’m still going to keep trying to get this brighter without the bleach, however thought I’d share just quite how in love I am with this look for the new year – new year, new look and all!

 Blue Hair


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