New Year, Same Me – A Gym Overview

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So I’m super aware it has been MONTHS since I last posted – but Happy New Year to all! So looking back over 2016, I hit a lot of new gym records, personal best’s, high weights, finally achieved a 80kg rack pull for a clean 8 reps… but most of all, saw a huge change in my body!

People always laugh and joke when they hear me say “I go to the gym”. They have a bit of a laugh saying “What do you go to the gym for? You’re skinny as it is anyway?!” Skinny is not what I want to be, healthy is the goal, skinny is just a term defined by society to body shame people in todays’ world – and that’s one thing I hate. I’ve always had a bit of a complex about my weight, I’ve never felt “perfect” with it – I’ve always felt “too skinny”, “too chubby”, “too big”, “slightly fat”, all terms that make a person feel super self-conscious, and not everyone can get to that stage of thinking “f it, I’m happy with how I look anyway”.

 Anyway, coming back to it! So looking back on a 1 year and 2 year transformation, I have to say I was pretty shocked with how far I had come. So 2015 vs 2017 was 100% the BIGGEST transformation of all! Since then I have lost about 1kg, which isn’t a lot, but in terms of body fat is huge, have now got structure to my stomach & legs, definition in my back, arms are looking more toned and less “jiggly” and overall feeling so much more confident…

2015 vs 2017 transformation

2016 vs 2017 however, of course wasn’t a huge change in comparison to 2015, but still resulted in me having more toned arms, stomach structure coming in more, legs and arms actually putting on more muscular size, back looking more toned and overall actually being heavier in weight – but it being muscle mass as opposed to fat!

2016 vs 2017 transformation

I guess one of the things I love about transformation pictures is the feeling of achievement and actually realising how far you’ve come without even realising a lot of the time, and sometimes we all need that reminder of “Damn girl, you done good. You look good, you’re feeling good, appreciate this”.

So overall my gym progress within a year has been good, I have admittedly been slacking a fair bit recently, diet has gone out the window and is now creeping it’s way back in and I’m completely going back to basics with a lot of my training including new gym routines, new gym days, new diet, everything. May be the new year, but I’m still the same me, just focusing more on the journey before the end result!

And as always – I’ve had a lot of people start getting in touch with me over Instagram about training styles, diet tips, recipe ideas and so forth – I’m always happy to help even if it is just for the odd little motivational tip on “how the heck do you get out of the bed in the morning to go train so early?!”. Feel free to hit me up either in the comments or through my social media through my contact page or alternatively:
Instagram : @simmyghatt | Twitter : @simmyg22


6 thoughts on “New Year, Same Me – A Gym Overview

  1. I’m really impressed by your commitment. I always start off with the best intentions and end up falling by the wayside, but this year I’m trying out the Asana Rebel app and I’m hoping that having it as something I do each day at home will help keep me on track. Best of luck for 2017.

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    1. Thank you so much! It is hard to keep committed but I find that it makes it easier by keeping your workouts simple and your diet simple, overcomplicating it all does make it more harder to stay committed. The app sounds good, you’ll definitely have to let me know how you get on but all the best of luck with it and have a good 2017!

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      1. Thanks for the encouragement. I was debating writing about it on my blog but since my site is mostly stories and poetry I’m not sure it would work all that well. Then again, it might open up a new audience of readers.

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      2. It really will honestly I think you should! So many people are always looking for real stories about transformation and advice on how others are doing it and there’s far too many fads out there claiming to work when they’re really just a scam! It would definitely be an interesting read and good to hear someone else and their journey too so I do really recommend it. I plan to blog more about my transformations now on too (maybe a new years resolution of mine) so I say go for it!


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