Bridesmaid Hairstyles :: Thankyou Afsheen!

So I NEVER get my hair done by ANYONE else other than myself or my sister – and we’re not hairdressers. But because my sister got married about 12 days ago now, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and basically let someone else mess with my hair to make it look pretty damn good.

So, me being clueless, I found a few pics I loved across Google & FB (as every chick does), and came across a few styles I loved. Now one of my old friends always used this one chick – Afsheen Malik – for her hairstyles for any occassion and I thought best just check her out and give it a shot to see if she was free = she was, I  booked, Sim happy!

But what was perfect was the way she took on board my ideas from the pictures I found and still worked her own style into it and made my hair look amazing for my sister’s wedding day and reception party – being the bridesmaid, pretty big deal I guess! So check it out::

She did an amazing job with my hair being as long and thick as it is – I absolutely loved it! I definitely recommend her for any type of hairstyle and she was so easy to get hold of and answered literally any questions I had at any time of day too!  If you’re looking for someone who is super easy to get along with, doesn’t charge a lot and knows does a good job – defo give her a buzz! 


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