Mop Chops

So this one was just a bit of an update as to what else happened in the month I haven’t been blogging 😐 – The mop took a chop!

Yep for everyone who knows my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook – I’ve had a side fringe for years and years, and always sort of had a full fringe but let it grow out. So I decided it was time to go completely against the standard look and get an actual fringe back in place and a whole new look going again = mop chop!

@simmyghatt on instagram - mop chop full fringe

I absolutely love it to be honest and although I’ve had a lot of comments saying I now look about 15 again (please don’t agree!) it was just something different. My salon (Salon 57, Evington, Leicester) did an amazing job despite their judgement of me saying layer it more around my face, it worked! Definitely recommend them for anyone living in Leicester for a decent haircut that isn’t overpriced and have to wait 2 hours for!


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