A Doll In Timberlands

First of all – huge apologies for not blogging in a MONTH! It’s been super busy in my life lately with interviews, work and weddings! My sister literally just got married last weekend = literally had no time for anything!

So the caption came from a friend who told me I looked like a Doll – cheers buddy! But it was my sister’s birthday yesterday and her first one as a married woman! So we met up for a family lunch at ASK Italian on Silver Street in Leicester and of course it meant making a vaguely decent effort to look good!

Oh by the way I got my haircut a few days ago too – I’m back to a full fringe which I’ve been told makes me look about 15 again!

But the OOTD breakdown :: Dress – Topshop | Tights – New Look | Boots – Timberland bought from OFFICE | Necklace – Accessorize

It was super simple enough, dressy enough thanks to a girls LBD ALWAYSS being dressy enough, and casual enough for a super laid back lunch which I’ll admit involved one too many glasses of wine which left me getting my top ear repierced! (Currently twice the size of a normal ear and stinging like a queen bee).

But I also LOVED my hair too! As it just had a fresh mop chop as I call it, I decided to try get a bit more “creative” with it and braided back just some of my front layers so it wasn’t all dropping flat! It took ages as my hair now is super silky and refuses to stay anyhow but it looked pretty cool!

So I’ve got a few more blogs to share with you guys and I swear I’m working on them all this weekend! But I’ve been up to all sorts including making new Granola Bars to try find a perfect recipe, driving around everywhere, shopping (of course) and a whole wedding to fill you all in on! Keep your eyes peeled, I think it may be a huge spam!


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