Masquerades & Cocktails

Fashion, Lifestyle

So recently I did a night out with my family & friends for my sisters hen do – it was themed as masquerade – glitz & sparkles & dark & ominous and I got so stuck on what to wear as always!

So I decided on the 1 dress I knew would work the best and that I hadn’t worn in around 8 months now – my NYE dress from Miss Selfridge! It was glamorous enough for a whole masquerade themed hen but not too OTT!

Miss Selfridge Sparkles Dress

So breakdown :: Dress – Miss Selfridge (2015 collection) | Boots – Dorothy Perkins | Mask – eBay | Bangles – New Look | Watch – Emporio Armani


Yeah so I decided on boots as these guys decided it was a bar crawl kinda night – and rightly so too seeing as thought we put away enough cocktails and prosecco to get us home at 5am! It was an absolutely brilliant night though – the first time we did a night out with our cousin brothers and with my best friend (who I’ve been best friends with for 9 years!!)

It helped to keep the outfit simple enough though – it got a lot of attention for the amount of light reflection sparkle things I was giving on the ceiling of every bar! I couldn’t complain about it either – picking it up from Miss Selfridge for only £55 instead of £90 is a huge steal! It’s survived through 2 seriously long and alcohol filled nights so its a winner at being a sparkly LBD!


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