Barcelona 2016 : What Do I Pack?!

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So I travel to sunny Spain tomorrow and I’ve literally only just finished packing! Way to go Sim – talk about … Ironically booked through them too!

So I was inspired by Homeaway (an awesome company that helps to find travellers their dream home abroad) to share a few travelling fashion tips!
So I’m away for 4 1/2 days and 4 nights, which means thinking of 8 outfits that are going to make me survive 30 degree heat consistently (which I suck at BTW). And packing isn’t exactly the easiest either! My main issue – trying to find the right balance of clothing to survive a cold car, cold airport, cold airplane & boiling hot new country. I’ve noticed though the absolute easiest way to think of an airport OOTD is:

– Check the weather of where you’re landing & what you’re doing as soon as you land
– Think security checks! Don’t wear too much jewellery or shoes they make you take off
– Remember the plane will be cold so keep a lightweight jacket/jumper on you (I’m keeping my kimono in my bag & taking my thin black bomber jacket with me!)
– If it’s meant to be boiling when you land – make your top shorter! It’s always good to keep a pair of jeans with you spare on holiday in the event of doing something ridiculously terrainy where skirts won’t work!

It sounds stupid but being uncomfortable on the plane is the WORST feeling ever! So my OOTD breakdowns are:
1- The Aeroplane OOTD – Thursday day & Monday day

Thursday Flight OOTD

But a simple breakdown: Ripped Jeans – New Look | Cropped Vest Top – H&M Basics | Trainers – Nike Air Flights. For the sake of convenience it’s always so much easier for me to wear bottoms that have pockets – purely because my phone isn’t exactly the smallest and losing it so many times causes me heart attacks! It also means I barely stand a chance at surviving hot Barcelonic heat and aeroplane coldness!

2- Night 1: Thursday Night

Thursday Night OOTD

So we’re only staying as a B&B basis, meaning we’ll need outfits for the evening that we haven’t been stuck in all day! So the breakdown: Black shorts – Vero Moda | Black Floral Print Cami – New Look | White Lace Kimono – New Look | Black Sandals – Dorothy Perkins

3 & 4- Day & Night 2: Friday

Day & Night 2 - Friday OOTDS

Aiming to be at the beach for some part of this day & beginning the rest of the huge wonder around a new city – my breakdown! White Lace Boxy Top – Jennyfer (purchased from Lyon) | Bralet – New Look | Denim Shorts – New Look | Sandals – Dorothy Perkins.
So I’ve had this dress for a little while now as I received it from my brother-in-law as a present, and I STILL HAVEN’T WORN IT! Perfect excuse to take it abroad with me! It’s gorgeous though – we picked it up from New Look but it’s an AX Paris dress, and I love the baby blue!

5 & 6- Day & Night 3: Saturday

Day & Night 3 - Saturday OOTDS

So I recently ventured into Primark with the other half as he’s flying out to Ibiza tomorrow for his brother’s stag, and whilst we were meant to be shopping for him it turned into me picking up a few of the guys tops I loved! So my breakdown: Paisley Print Drop Tank – Primark (£6) | Black Shorts – Vero Moda | Trainers – Nike Air Flights.
Ok in the Primark trip I did pick up a few dresses I had eyed up a little while ago too! I loved this little black dress – it’s got embroidery work to give it some design and detail but is flowy & summery enough for a holiday LBD! Paired with my wedges/sandals & of course black & gold jewellery – it’s like a little safe haven for me!

7 & 8- Day & Night 4: Sunday

Day & Night 4 - Sunday OOTDS

Guilty – I did pick up a few of these vest tops… the OOTD breakdown! White Bronx NYC Drop Tank – Primark (£6) | Black Shorts – Vero Moda | Trainers – Nike Air Flights. In all fairness – it’s longer than the paisley print one so the shorts are planning on hiding underneath as the tank can practically be a dress! But I loved the pattern – and I still stand by my words that men always get better looking tops than women!
Okokokok I bought another dress too… it was too cute to not pick up and for only £5 you really cannot go wrong! Again paired with wedges and my Argento white lace flower necklace it’s literally the easiest outfit to slip into ever!

But of course you literally cannot go to a place that’s burning out in 30 degrees heat without packing spares for the beach & of course BIKINIS! So naturally I have to take spare shorts & the white lace Kimono is just a given for the beach! I suck at owning Kaftans and things like that – I’m more of a t-shirt/vest top kinda girl…. so kimono will have to suffice!

Barcelona Essentials

 So I’m finally almost fully excited to go now! It still does not feel real at all that I’m flying out soon! Of course me being a gym freak I had to pack in a pair of gym shorts, sports bra & tanks (in the event of me waking up at 6.30am ready to train) – I mean we have to make use of the Vincci Bit Rooftop Swimming Pool & inhouse gym right?

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