GYM: 7 Month Progression

Gym & Fitness

So if you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram, I’ve been posting a few more #gymselfies than normal lately… but that’s because for the first time ever in my life am I more proud than ever of how well my gym progression has gone and how well my strength and overall body has improved!

I’ve been training consistently for around 7 months now and after my huge weight loss I went through last year after being sick of my body image and feeling massively uncomfortable in my own skin, I decided to do something about it – in 2 stages.

Stage 1 – was of course lose some of the body fat in a healthy way! This meant my gym routines were around 85% cardio and 15% weights, or no weights at all 3x a week. I began to change my diet, exercised more and actually began to see a difference. Stage 2 is where I am now – with a revamped diet of predominately wholesome foods and cutting out the ‘crap’ foods and focusing more on weights than ever before, I’ve seen my weight go from 52kg with around a 30-40% body fat percentage to 50kg with a current 16% body fat percentage and more muscle development.

Stage 1: Weight Loss

Everyone has asked me “HOW DO YOU DO IT?!” and “OMG SORT OUT MY DIET FOR ME PLEASE!” – I always answer both types and the rest of the questions, but the harsh truth about it all was this – I can do the legwork of telling them what to do, but only they can stick to it. No matter what anybody has ever said, I’ve always seen it to be 70% Diet and 30% Exercise – abs are made in the kitchen!

I’m now at a stage where I can see more of my physical appearance change, it started with slow ab development, to losing some body fat around the rest of my body, to now being able to see my muscles actually work! It sounds ridiculous – but the more tension you cause lifting even the lightest weight, the more you can actually make your muscles grow – lifting correctly of course. Training biceps are a brilliant way to actually notice this – especially when it moves up and down your arm and you see it and think “what the hell?!”

7 Month Gym Progress

 It’s been a tediously long process to get where I am, but I’m consistently trying week by week to increase the weight I lift even by the smallest amount of 1.25kg – it does make a difference. Using the app FitNotes helps me to track and monitor my progress and they’ve recently done an update where you can now calculate the weight needed on the bar to hit a weight – it’s become super simple! The benefit & satisfaction – every time you reach a new PR (personal record) you get a little blue trophy next to your set – it’s the smallest, simplest type of motivation you can get from such a little thing!

I’m trying to word up some of my workout routines to share with you all – I’ve recently uploaded the #FLEXFRIDAY post to share my arms workout – but I’ll be sharing the rest soon! In the meantime I’m always happy to answer questions, share my little tips & even advise on other things like weights and diet – just hit me up in the comments section or alternatively drop me an email / DM on Twitter or Insta!


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