#FlexFriday – Triceps & Biceps Workout

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Summer holiday season is upon us – time to get rid of the dreaded bingo wings! Many people just think doing one or two exercises every other week will help reduce the body fat around your arms = wrong. It’s time, effort and consistency of all things (diet included). So here’s my workout to go from bingo to bulk!
  1. Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

    If you haven’t been able to lift the Olympic Barbell before, I would recommend starting with dumbbells. Lie back flat on the bench with your shoulders rolled back and your back arched. Start with the barbell/dumbbells above your head (lined up to be above your chest). Keep your hands together and your elbows tucked in and pull the bar/dumbbells down as you breathe in to feel the bar against the middle of your chest, then in a controlled movement as you breathe out, push them back up keeping your arms straight.

    E.G: Starting weight at 20kg (Olympic Barbell): 
    Set 1 : 10 reps at 20kg | Set 2 : 8 reps at 20kg | Set 3 : 6 reps at 22.5kg

  2. EZ-Bar Skullcrusher

    Lie back flat on the bench, holding a loaded weight barbell. Keep your arms straight above your head holding the barbell and pull back towards your head (like a -45 degree angle movement) keeping your elbows locked in position the whole time. Once down, pull the bar back up. Keep your grip towards the centre of the bar and your arms tucked in so they don’t flare out.

    E.G: Starting weight at 10kg : 
    Set 1 : 10 reps at 10kg | Set 2 : 8 reps at 10kg | Set 3 : 6 reps at 12.5kg

  3. Dumbbell Overhead Extensions

    Sit upright on the bench with your back arched slightly so your chest is up and pick up your dumbbell holding it from one end only. Carefully bring it above your head and drop it down behind your head, and return to starting postion = 1 rep. Be careful when lifting as a loose grip can result in the dumbbell falling behind and poor posture cause too much strain on your neck and back.

    E.G: Starting weight at 9kg : 
    Set 1 : 10 reps at 9kg | Set 2 : 8 reps at 9kg | Set 3 : 6 reps at 10kg

  4. Rope Push Down

    These I absolutely hate but they’re amazing for getting your triceps really pumped up! Face the high pulley machine and (make sure the rope attachment is on) and set your starting weight – I recommend light to start with if it’s the first time ever doing this. Keep your elbows to the side and pull the rope down firmly. Keep your elbows locked during the exercise and your back straight.

    E.G: Starting weight at 5.7kg : 
    Set 1 : 10 reps at 5.7kg | Set 2 : 8 reps at 5.7kg | Set 3 : 6 reps at 7.9kg

  5. Straight Bar Push Down

    Exactly the same as the rope push down but with the shorter straight bar – (the little half V bar). Keep your elbows locked and by your side and push the bar down and return. You should feel your triceps really work but it shouldn’t feel too taxing on your body.

    E.G: Starting weight at 5.7kg : 
    Set 1 : 10 reps at 5.7kg | Set 2 : 8 reps at 5.7kg | Set 3 : 6 reps at 7.9kg

    A good way of getting a real burn-out for your triceps is doing exercise 4 and 5 as a super-set, meaning having no rest periods in between sets alternating between the 2 exercises.

  6. Barbell Curls

    Pretty straight forward, but one of the biggest pumps for your arms! Pick your weight – if you’re lifting lighter than 20kg use the straight bars starting from 10kg. Hold the bar with your arms rested down, palms facing up and curl the bar towards your upper chest, hold it for a few seconds and release pulling the bar back down to starting position. You should be tensing the whole lift up, and the lift down too so you really feel your biceps working.

    E.G: Starting weight at 10kg : 
    Set 1 : 10 reps at 10kg | Set 2 : 8 reps at 10kg | Set 3 : 6 reps at 12.5kg

  7. Barbell Preacher Curl

    Move over to the W/EZ Bar bench and set your starting weight. Set the seat so your comfortably sitting with your elbows rested against the pad and you chest resting against the top half of the pad. Begin curling – similar principle to a normal barbell curl just seated. Really tense and focus on your breathing, but keep slow and controlled movements. If using dumbbells, do the exercise in a similar way but only doing one at a time.

    E.G: Starting weight at 10kg : 
    Set 1 : 10 reps at 10kg | Set 2 : 8 reps at 10kg | Set 3 : 6 reps at 12.5kg

  8. Dumbbell Hammer Curls

    A great exercise as a finisher. Pick your weights and hold them either side so one side of it faces upright. Lift one arm up (as if you were about to put someone in a headlock) and hold, then release your arm back down. It should feel as if you are doing half a rep but your bicep tenses once you reach the halfway point. Repeat this for each arm for 10 reps, alternating your arms after each rep.

    E.G: Starting weight at 5kg : 
    Set 1 : 10 reps at 5kg | Set 2 : 8 reps at 5kg | Set 3 : 6 reps at 6kg

    *Only increase the weight if you can successfully lift between 8 – 10 reps on the first weight. Otherwise keep to the same weight until you can hit 8*


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