Protein BBQ: The Munchies

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So on the weekend I did a mini Protein BBQ with the other half – (you may have caught the OOTD blogpost)! But I thought I’d share the antics behind it and the recipe behind our newly found favourite Chicken & Pepper Skewers!

So we went out and bought a mini portable BBQ – it was so cute and super handy, and it cost us £10 from ASDA alongside other munchies including a shed load of protein. It basically just involved chicken, turkey and sausages with loads of carbs but ohohmydays we cooked it perfect … not that we’re bragging or anything.

BBQ Munchies Ready

So our (conveniently placed up ^ there) chicken skewers was super simple to make and literally cost us about £6.20 in total for a tray of 6 chicken breasts and 2 large red and orange sweet peppers. Now it sounds dry as hell right – “bbq chicken with peppers”, but we marinated it in soy sauce and ground black pepper – ABSOLUTE WINNER! So the recipe….

Ingredients (to make 16 skewers) : x3 chicken breast fillets,
x1 large red pepper, x1 large orange pepper,
100ml of Soy Sauce, 2tbsp of ground black pepper,
1tsp of thyme, 1tsp of mild chilli powder.

Cooking instructions : (Make sure the BBQ is preheated and ready to grill on first)
1) Wash the 3 chicken breasts ready to be cut.
2) Cut and cube the chicken, around bitesize pieces but make sure they are thick enough to hold onto the skewer.
3) In a bowl, pour in the soy sauce, ground black pepper, thyme and chilli powder and mix together. Place the cubed chicken into the bowl and stir coating the chicken.
4) Cover the bowl with cling film and leave to marinate for 45mins – 1hour in the fridge.
5) Cut the peppers into cubes too (again not too small so they can still hold on the skewer). Place into another bowl on the side and get ready to alternate poking.
6) Begin placing the peppers and chicken onto the skewers – to make it colourful I alternated these : pepper, chicken piece, orange pepper, chicken piece, etc.

7) Place the skewers on the BBQ – turn them every 1-2mins when the chicken begins to brown and take off after 7-8mins. Check they are thoroughly cooked through beforehand by breaking one of the chicken pieces in half. The peppers should have a slight coat of chargrilled-ness and the chicken should be a rich golden brown.



They honestly tasted amazing – it’s a subtle hint of spice but a mix of textures from soft, tender chicken to a slight crunch of pepper – definitely our new found favourite!

Chicken of course wasn’t the only lot we made – it didn’t last long enough to suffice burning a whole bag of coal! We chucked on lean turkey mince burgers and sausages too – word of warning, the ASDA bakery bread rolls are unbelievably puffed out and soft so they are really really filling really quick! The burgers however were amazing! They too had a kick of spice in them (pretty sure it was green chillies in these but not sure) and they tasted absolutely heavenly!


Our next combination we’re planning to prep is Mango, Pineapple and Chicken (bit debatable about the mango but no harm in trying!) Have you got any recommendations for BBQ chicken skewer recipes? x


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