So this weekend if you caught my Instagram, I did a mini BBQ with the other half! It actually worked out so awesome – I have to admit between the 2 of us we made some damn good food… it was pretty much an all protein barbecue but it was still nommable!

The plan did detract slightly from the original one – it was meant to be in Victoria Park however we settled for one at his house instead (worked out better in the end as the weather kept changing!) But all in all, it was such a perfect day – we totally timed it right! But this was my OOTD for a meant-to-be-at-the-park-but-at-home-instead-BBQ πŸ™‚


Β I have to admit I did absolutely love my hair! I’ve had a bit of a thing with crimped hair lately, just because of the sheer fact that it’s so quick and easy to do and it just involves the use of quick fingers and lots of little thin hair bands! Plus, if you braid it right, may as well just leave the braids in for a day or 2!

But the outfit breakdown was super simple this time & it worked for summer sunshine : Shorts – Vero Moda | “J’aime La Paris” Crop Top – H&M | Tights – New Look | Trainers – Converse All Stars

P.s – If you think it’s hassle to braid your hair – it really isn’t! I section my hair into layers and split it in half between left & right side – 2 braids per layer & I think I end up with 9 in total with my left side having more hair!

Before & After Crimped Hair Selfie


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