The Indian Engagement OOTD 2

I think by the time it’s my engagement I’ll use the same title and change it to #3! But my sister’s fiance’s eldest brother got engaged last week (yayyy) – so we had another Indian OOTD!

So we’ve basically just been buying what seems like 100000 Punjabi suits to wear for this year’s events – to sum it up, my sister’s fiance’s eldest brother is getting married at the start of August, then my cousin sister weds 2 weeks later, then my sister gets married 2 weeks after that! #AsianOOTDHeaven

Indian Engagement OOTD 2

 (oh yeah that’s my sister  ^ )

I absolutely loved this suit to bits (surprisingly) – the fabric was soft but super comfortable (and I have a huge issue with fabrics, often that it’s too itchy) and it was bright enough and weirdly enough in season – at least 6 other women were in green! Indian fashion “in colour” for SS16 😉

I kept it plain and simple jewellery wise by matching up with an old jewellery set I bought from a shop called ‘Saffron’ and wore a pair of my favourite Indian pumps “Mojeh” – which were of course black and gold so you can see why I love them & officially did #Chunnigoals (the head scarf that’s constructively pinned to my head) and made it all sit like it was one super long slinky snood! Oh yeah, it actually worked as well (and it got x100 compliments for being convenient).

The day itself went really well, minus being super hot! But everyone looked gorgeous and thanks to the sun, we all looked massively rainbow!


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