A Fat-Catted OOTN

I just realised how weird the title looked when you read it – fail! But I recently went out with my other half and some of his work friends for one of their birthday’s – it was an eventful night (to say the least!)

But to sum it short – and after a long while…this was my outfit of the night!:

Fat-Catted Night Out OOTN

I have to admit I was pretty chuffed with it! It was smart/casual, decent enough to go out in and yet not too overdone to be thinking is this my event or something! And after I don’t know how long it’s been… I finally wore the pink shirt again! (I bought it so along ago I feel like it just collects fluff in my wardrobe).

Breakdown :: Stone Suede Boots – New Look |Β Jeans – Miss Selfridge | (Dusky) Pink Sleeveless Shirt – New Look |Β Drop Diamante Necklace – Miss Selfridge | Bracelets – Accessorize | Watch – Guess | Rose Gold Flower Earrings – Argento

Β I have to admit I was completely in love with my hair! For me being a natural curly-tots, I tend to just leave my hair out and straighten my fringe and walk out the door and be done with it. But obviously due to my sister’s wedding coming up this year, I’ve had to start experimenting with simple ways to make my hair look half decent without it taking too much time (or effort!) So I just kept it super simple taking my top 2 layers and tying it back but backcombing it slightly to still keep some volume in it.

But coming back to it – of course the night involved drinks, stupid amounts of selfies, a lotttttttttttt of alcohol and me finally wearing my gorgeous white coat I bought from Mango (the same time I bought my khaki one)! It was a brilliant night though and it was a good laugh…

Bar selfies


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