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So there’s a new protein place in Leicester and it’s basically like walking into heaven if you’re a protein/supplement lover! What is this place you wonder? “Dr Protein” – and it’s awesome! So, where is it you ask – Queens Road, Leicester! It’s located just on the outskirts of Leicester’s City Centre, but the huge bonus? Free parking around the store!

Dr Protein Leicester

 So they sell pretty much everything you could want if you train or workout – meals, protein snacks – some of which are even homemade!, protein powders, supplements of all shapes and sizes, drinks and so much more! I was pretty amazed at how much they stock – and they even sell gym apparel too so if you’re after a new gym hoodie or a few t-shirts, you know where to go 🙂

Dr Protein Store Stock

If you think that’s not enough… then let’s face it I don’t think there’s anything else they could possibly sell! They are going to be introducing smoothies soon though (yayy!) so towards the back of the shop is going to be a new healthy, protein fixing smoothie bar!

So me and my partner (of course with him being the gym freak he is, he had to come with me) tried out a few of the goodies Dr Protein had to offer – including the high-protein ready meals, some of their weight-loss pills (grenades & ripped freak), MyProtein BBQ flavour crisps and a few others… here’s our verdict::

Dr Protein Mini Range

  • Ready meals – 2x chicken and 1x beef – both tasted good enough to keep eating and the nutritional values were amazing with each pack containing over 30g of protein (which saves out on us physically cooking chicken!) but it didn’t mean we couldn’t add any additional meat to make it even higher! (Sorry guys he didn’t take a picture and I forgot!)
  • Home-made treats – we got the ‘lemon & ginger’ and the ‘chocolate protein’ balls – both were completely different as you can imagine, but both were good as a quick fix of protein! Of course we’re both more sweet than sour tooths, so we preferred the chocolate (it did still have a bit of a protein-y taste to it but what doesn’t when whey is added?). They’re good as little fixes on the go particularly if you didn’t have time to make a protein shake before you left the house! (and they come in little tubs of 3!)
  • Grenades – make your stomach feel like a physical grenade has hit them, so my boyfriend is sticking to these rather than me! But either way, he’s been seeing brilliant results by taking these, losing over 4kg in just over 1 week! Warning, they are high caffeine though so make sure you are fine to take these beforehand!
  • MyProtein BBQ Chipotle flavour crisps – are hands down my new favourite addiction and I’m bloody in love with them! Having 15g of protein in a 30g bag of crisps with only 1.9g of fat and 8.4g of carbs – why on Earth wouldn’t you?! They’ve got a bit of a spicy kick to them, but they’re so gooooood! [insert little heart eyes emoji!]

Free Protein Shaker Bottle

*oh they’re giving away free protein shaker bottles with any purchase* 

 They have loads on offer and are super friendly too – offering advise, good food, good protein catered to all people and are even doing a 10% NUS discount for all students.

But don’t worry – if you’re not a student…. screenshot / download / share/(plasteralloveryoursocialmedia) because you can still get 10% off your purchase by using the following discount code voucher!::

SimranxDP10 Voucher


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