The Easter Engagement Weekend

So if some of you follow me on Instagram, you’d have noticed all the Asian selfies etc that went up and the family photos – yep, my sister got engaged recentlyย to her boyfriend! It was amazing, emotional, and a barrel of laughs all at the same time!

It was brilliant though, that I will truly admit! On a breakdown of 2 days, I haven’t spent this much time with most of my immediate family together in absolutely ages! But it was spaced out over the Saturday and Easter Sunday, we kicked it all off with a “female only” house party on Saturday while the men went to the Gudwara for my sister’s partner’s Karmai (his engagement at the temple with his family). It was hilarious – we had food, (surprisingly no alcohol was involved), but loads of sweets, Bhangra & dancing!

Sunday however was the main shabam! We hired out a restaurant ‘Satya’ which was nearby to us and kitted it all out to look a lot more decent than it was when we arrived in the morning! The ‘Chunni’ (sister’s engagement day) is kind of more of a big deal than her partner’s – mainly because it’s the day that her new family come with the females in their family and in a sense, dress the bride. They bring her a Punjabi suit, put make up on her, (normally do her hair but on this occasion not), put jewellery on her – the first part of her bridal gold, put some henna on her and then give her a set of bangles.

It was beautiful, and needless to say my sister looked absolutely stunning too! So some highlights from the day of the course, including the obligatory Punjabi suit selfies!


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