Showdown: GraspFit vs MyProtein

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So I was recently given the opportunity to test out coloured liquid chalk. Yep, you read it right – coloured. liquid. chalk. Bet you never thought that would happen hey? But a super cool company called GraspFit provide it – and ask me how much fun I’ve been having turning my gym and all of the weights GREEN! Yep, I felt like a mini Hulk in the making.

But I bet you’re wondering “why vs MyProtein?”. Well, my other half who I train with uses MyProtein liquid chalk – I will be honest he made me use it one or two times too when my gloves didn’t suffice, but I wanted to test if using another company’s chalk works just as well (or even better) than the more commercial MyProtein products! So here goes…

Graspfit Vs MyProtein

1 – Appearance: Graspfit – 9/10 | MyProtein – 6/10 : Graspfit scores higher mainly because of the fact they actually look visually appealing, more so than your ‘bog-standard’ white lifting chalk. It’s simply branded and totally eye-catching given that the bottle is clear.

GraspFit Liquid Chalk

2 – Value For Money: Graspfit – 7/10 | MyProtein – 9/10 : Graspfit comes in at £13.00 for a 250ml bottle, whereas MyProtein comes in at £6.59 for the same size although physically looking at the difference, the MyProtein bottles look quite tiny in comparison! MyProtein wins on this point, purely for the fact of people don’t like spending a lot on chalk that consistently gets used up (I was a gloves over chalk person by the way), so the spend £13 each time is a bit of a cut into the wallet for a bottle.

3 – Chalk Life: Graspfit – 8/10 | MyProtein – 9/10 : And by chalk life I mean how long it lasts during a gym session before you need to reapply – and again in this note MyProtein only wins ever so slightly. Now me and my partner had a huge debate over this one (it was completely opposite), however after a few gym uses of Graspfit I must admit that it does need to be reapplied every 2-3 exercises (based on 8-10 reps per set) due to the chalk wearing away quite quick (my joggers do often go green quite quick) whereas MyProtein I would say lasts about 4-5 exercises. Having used only one application for the whole of my leg workout, Graspfit was sadly almost unfortunately gone.

Graspfit Chalk Life

4 – Consistency & Drying Time: Graspfit – 8/10 | MyProtein – 8/10 : Now this all depends on how you prefer your chalk to be, but for me they both scored around the same. Both chalks feel light however Graspfit does take slightly longer to dry than MyProtein so I would take that into consideration if your a lifter who likes to just ‘get on with it’ – but I am partially biased being an ex-glove user!

Graspfit Handprints

Overall I have to admit they are both very good chalks – my partner prefers his MyProtein chalk and I’m happy with my super cool coloured liquid chalk – the colour purely makes him jealous though. It does everything a lifting chalk needs to do and is quite fun to #leaveyourmark around at the gym as I’ve been doing! It does massively improve your grip in the gym particularly with the likes of barbell back squats and deadlifts and as much as I loved my gloves, they sucked by making my hands too hot resulting in me always going bare-handed by the end of gym –

5 – Non Hand Sweatiness: Graspfit – 10/10 | Gloves – 3/10 : yes, true verdict! (Plus with gloves you can’t leave Hulk handprints anywhere!)

Graspfit with Squats

Graspfit Leave Your Mark

Graspfit liquid chalks aren’t just for gym, they’re brilliant for other exercises that require non-hot hands – yoga, pole dancing and so forth! If you haven’t already I definitely recommend giving them a try! They have other colours available too such as electric blue and shocking pink and I’ve even seen a purple bottle on their Instagram page!



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