Captain America: What The Boys Need To Wear!

So majority of the time, the Red Carpet is all about what’s on with the ladies… But I say this time, we take a shine to the gents – (Sorry girls, it’s the boys turn!)
With the trailer of Captain America: Civil War just being released within the past few days and with it already trending like crazy, I’ve picked out 3 of the most mighty fine suits the gents need to make their transformation from shield to shine!
1 – ‘Cap’ – Chris Evans.

Tall, blonde, handsome, well built, gorgeous blue eyes, “language”, the list goes on. But those blue eyes need a match (sorry to disappoint here) – The Midnight Blue Tuxedo available from The Black Tux – and guess wha? It’s available for only $120 – fellas, get going! With satin black collars and a deep blue contrast, who said that blue suits weren’t movie premier suitable? It’s confidence, it’s sharp, it’s everything Mr Evans (or every other fella who picks Captain America over every other Avenger) needs to shine his way through the launch of a war.


2 – ‘Stark’ – Robert Downey Jr.

His style in every single Avengers/MARVEL movie has been crisp, to say the least (p.s – he’s my personal favourite for the fact he’s the most human seeming of them all even with a non-human heart!). Ok so his style sometimeeees could be better, which is why for the launch he needs the timeless Black Velvet Tux (only $125!) – also available from The Black Tux online. It’s classy, it’s elegant and it’s one hell of a statement for a man of his character (on & off screen)! Besides, who on earth can resist a man in a velvet tux?


3 – ‘Black Panther’ – Chadwick Boseman

Cool, charming yet still sophisticated means only one tux is right for him. The Shawl Collar Tuxedo (only $125). Again another classic, and the satin collars are still in trend for the men and their suits after more and more retailers began selling sleek collars instead of patchwork elbows! Easy to keep it dinner-date-ready with the bowtie or for something more formal yet glam still, the perfect way to finish the statement is with a silk tie and chrome tie pin (insert little ‘perfect fingers’ hand emoji).


I was so amazed at the range of tuxedo rentals that The Black Tux had to offer online – they’re reasonably priced, 100% Italian extra fine wool and they even offer to send out a FREE replacement jacket or trousers if the sizing is a little off which you return back in one go after the event – that, is actually awesome (given that most women don’t get that privilege, gents, feel special)!

Given that my sister is getting married at the end of this year and we’re thinking of doing a ‘super sophisticated black-tie type of reception’, I think I may have just found the link to send round to the boys in our family of where to get their suits and boots from! 


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