Christmas In Central

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Central London Baby! Oh yes! Christmas in London! Well… A work Christmas do in London would be the correction… But anyhow… Whoop!

So for our work Christmas party we were taken down to London Oxford Street for an amazing 6 course meal, drinks and Phantom Of The Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Sounds amazing right? It well and truly was!

Me and 2 of my colleagues took the train down from Leicester to St Pancras and walked out to first of all see the Disney Christmas Tree – it was so awesome! (I felt like a huge kid spotting out all of the stitch teddies!)

We met up with another 2 of our colleagues and headed out of the station to grab a taxi to the restaurant – Latium on Berners Street where we met up with our final 2 colleagues and the MD’s partner. Our first impressions were the restaurant seemed quite quiet and not hugely decorated on the inside, however the service from the waiters was absolutely incredible. They never let our wine glasses ever reach the bottom, let alone half way!

Our menu was amazing – 6 courses! Plus shed loads of wine and spirits – Oh we loved it! We started with Veal and a tuna sauce, moving on to Crab Linguine. If that doesn’t sound appetising enough… We then had beef ravioli and scallops with sea bass after. But wait there was more! The last main was rosemary seasoned pork with sweet apples and mash, it was heaven! Finished off with affogato and a superbly strong Amaretto on the rocks – yes, we went all out. But I have to admit my most enjoyed course was the beef ravioli, there was just something so incredibly moreish about it!

After chomping our way through with laughs and drinks, me and 4 of my colleagues decided to head out for drinks and a few beers as we had 2-3 hours to relax before Phantom Of The Opera started! We headed up Oxford Street onto Kingly Street to visit a few bars and I met up with my little cousin brother too who was quite popular with my work buddies! (it was actually quite cute!)

We then rested out at the London Beer House and walked around the corner to meet up with everyone to watch the show… It was an experience I give it that! Opera I find is a marmite situation, you either love it or hate it, but I was actually quite in between…
The production was good and the set up was incredible the way they organised the lights, the effects, the movement of all of the props. However I wasn’t too keen on some of the operatic elements and the costumes were a bit too OTT for some scenes, but the additional elements of clowns and makeup in there scared the living daylights out of me (I unfortunately HATE clowns with a passion!). But overall I am glad to say I could experience watching one of the biggest shows ever produced in such a elegantly decorated theatre – the architecture was beautiful!

We then said goodbye to everyone in a bid back to rush for our train (without spending another £60 on a single ticket back if we missed it) and luckily made it back in time with 8 minutes to spare! So of course we indulged in a can of Stella heading back and had a good old catchup and heart to heart with a view to progressing forward – theres some exciting news on the horizon!


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