Chimichanga: I LOVE YOU!

Lifestyle, Recipes & Food!

(I realise it’s been a while since I’ve blogged – I’m sorry!)
But I recently went to Chimichanga with my other half, and dare I say I think I found my new favourite restaurant where I can eat almost everything off the menu!

I don’t have allergies or anything to food – but I’m a super super fussy eater where I don’t eat cheese, caramel, fudge, toffee, pizza and maybe some other stuff that doesn’t taste too good (including bbq and mustard sauce). So being this fussy I always have trouble finding favourite restaurants that allow me to have a massive variety of food to choose from. But Chimichanga won… Their menu was by far the most appealing I had seen in such a long while!

For starters I looked through the menu and fell in love with the fact they did Calamari… It’s a favourite of mine so I instantly picked that. It tasted amazing being lightly battered served with a sour cream and chive sauce which complimented it perfectly. Kernal on the other hand ordered what looked like mini sandwiches filled with cheese and veg – and although I hate cheese, I have to admit it was gooooooood!


So then for mains – we struggled to pick through the menu of course so we made our life easier and chose from the set Christmas menu (3 courses for ¬£16.95 – can’t grumble!). I picked a Mexican paella while Kernal picked the Lime and Coriander chicken which came with black beans and rice and he ordered sweet potato fries too. I think it was honestly the first time ever we’ve fallen in love with food so so so much! It was cooked to perfection and all the flavours complimented each other so well.


And finally…. Dumdumdum……. Desserts! My favourite!! They had brownies and ice cream, need I say more? Of course I do…. Try it! For the love of desserts order it the next time you to go chimichanga… I can honestly say, you will not regret it!



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