Red, Green & Beautiful

Fashion, Lifestyle

So I guess one of the perks of having a big sister is you get to share clothes! So of course, when she bought a pair of trousers from AX Paris that didn’t fit her brilliantly, she passed them down to me and I must say, they’re my new found loves!

I made the outfit simple for my first time wear – playing it safe almost as these for me felt super daring! Due to the print being so bold and strong, I did struggle to initially think of what to wear. So I kept it simple and did a plain black boxy top from New Look with my brown brogues from New Look (which seem to go with everything I wear at the moment) and it worked perfect!

AX Paris Floral Trousers

I do truly love these trousers, they’re a tiny bit loose on me still so they sit on my hips however they’re super comfy and can easily be dressed up or down for work or a night out – that’s the next mission!


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