Praana Herb & Tea: Detoxing & Spicy Cinnamon Tea


So I’ve recently come across a new brand of tea that is completely natural and is essentially Indian / Masala Tea – without milk.

It’s brilliant! The company is called Praana Herb  & Tea and they originate from Norway! They have over 16 aromatic flavours (in which I only have 7 so far to try) – and guess what? They are all completely made up of natural ingredients which for me means… minimal calories!!

Praana Herb & Tea Flavours

So I’ve been on a bit of a mission to begin working through all 16 flavours – I have so far done 2: The ‘Detoxing’ & ‘Spicy Cinnamon’ Teas.

 The Spicy Cinnamon Tea: was exactly what the name said. Warming cinnamon flavours and the smell of fresh cinnamon bark is released from the moment you pick up the tea packet. I made the mistake however of pouring milk with it! I found that with Praana Teas – there’s absolutely no need for milk, or sugar (if you’re trying to be even healthier)! It tasted amazing – like a Chai Latte from Starbucks or Eat only without the calories of those and it’s all natural.

Praana Herb & Tea Flavours

The Detoxing Tea: I have to admit caught me by surprise a little. I found it resembled the spicy cinnamon flavour but was more subtle and bigger on the taste of cardamom to begin with, and a hint of lemon to finish. It sounds intriguing, it definitely was intriguing, but after the initial ‘uhmmm’ first few sips, you begin to love it and want to keep drinking it! It starts of warming, finishes refreshing!

As I’m slowly working through the collection I will keep blogging about them, but I think with there being so much competition in the tea market currently, Praana is definitely worth while trying! They’re quite cheap for a box and can be bought from the website directly. They’re also on social media too sharing both UK and Norway posts!

-My next one to try: energizing! What’s your favourite tea brand and flavour? x


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