Love For My HB Shoes!


So I’ve recently come into a new wardrobe addition, and it was a brand new pair of HB Shoes. And I tell you something, they are hands-down the single most comfortable pair of shoes a girl could ever own. Coming from me, who “after a night out just really wants my Rainbow Nikes” the day after, these are on the level of my Nikes. Yes, they’re that good.

 I only recently came across the brand ‘HB’ and I have to say, they honestly make some of the most comfiest shoes ever known to man. I say man, because yes they make mens shoes too – and believe it or not all of the blokes in my office own at least 5 pairs – they’re that good.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pair of these… and I love them! I’ve been after a pair of dark brown Chelsea boots for absolutely ages but never seemed to come across the ‘right’ ones – but these were them! They’re the perfect ankle height, smooth and padded inside with the perfect ‘snug’ fit and are suede too so they’ll last!

HB Shoes Outfits

I’ve been pairing them with skirts, leggings and dresses for work and jeans for a more casual occassion and they suit every single time. They’re perfect for season trend too being chocolate brown, it’s quick and easy to pair with a rusted orange skirt and black or cream top with a brown bag and gold accessories – the traditional AW colour scheme!


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