The AW15 Work Outfit


So I still like to make and effort to what I wear to work – (I forgot to mention I changed jobs and now work as a production assistant within an advertising agency – wooop!) and given that we’re now at the end of August, it’s only right that wardrobe colours start to incorporate more fluffy, burgundy kinds of things. So this, was one of my infamous work outfits!

The AW15 Work Outfit

(Pardon the messy room)

So the outfit: Shirt – Oasis | Chinos – Forever21 | Boots – New Look | Furry Gilet – Forever21 | Necklace – Ebay

Now ironically, everything I’m wearing is all non-AW15 and I’ve actually had for quite a while, but it still falls in line with this seasons trend and the traditional autumnal colours.

It’s so simple to make an outfit look Autumny, it’s just a matter of picking the right shades of everything and pairing it all neutrally (in my case to make life easier). To fall in with season trend you don’t necessarily have to buy everything that’s out in store now, revamp some of your old clothes with even older purchases but style it different each time and nobody will ever know! (Well now you all do with my secret – but it does work! & This shirt needed so much more wear)


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