Sony SmartBand SWR10 Update: 1 Week


So as promised – my week update of using my brand new Sony SWR10 SmartBand! 

I have to admit my overall impression of the band – BRILLIANT! I paid £29.79 for the band from Amazon as opposed to £71 RRP and for the price tag, it’s amazing! Ok in comparison to a FitBit – it doesn’t have a LED screen, but actually for me it works (or it would just distract me far too much at work)! But for the simplicity of the band, the style, comfort and general easy-to-use’ness of it, it’s a very easy 10/10 rating for me!

Sony Smartband Swr10

So battery life: amazing! For having being connected to my phone via NFC & Bluetooth, it had an incredible 5 day battery life that lasts from only a 30min charge. Yes, 30 minutes to charge and it lasts for almost a week with it consistently being on Day & Night mode. Oh yes, it beats a FitBit by miles.

App Compatibility: Ok so I’m into my fitness and I use MyFitnessPal to track all of my calorie consumption etc on a daily basis and my exercise. The only downfall of the SmartBand is it doesn’t actually link to fitness apps like that, just Sony’s own Lifelog. However, saying that, it syncs with Lifelog very well. I found it now tracks my steps better than my actual phone did and even tracks my sleep too (if you set it to night mode) and it logs how long you were awake for, what time you fell asleep, how long you had a light sleep and a deep sleep. It’s amazing.

Comfort & General Wear: Being a Sony gadget, of course it’s going to be waterproof! The band can literally be left on through anything (it has the normal waterproof guidelines as the Xperia phones though) but it can be worn in the shower, out and about and of course in your sleep and it causes no discomfort whatsoever. The band itself comes with 2 wrist straps so you can choose the size to suit you best. Being made of rubber, it is pretty resistant to almost everything and doesn’t even get dirty. The inside white battery and tracker is secured in with an overlapping fit of the band and doesn’t allow any water to pass through to damage – clever huh?

 Overall: It’s amazing for what it is worth, and it’s fairly discreet being a SmartBand too. Without the screen it’s a bonus as it doesn’t distract you too much during the day, just if you set it up to vibrate for notifications and it does a complimentary 3 buzz alert whenever you’re out of range with your phone, but it’s a good reminder to pick it up if you’ve forgotten it.

I definitely would recommend it to anybody with a Sony phone who actively uses their Lifelog as I do. It’s worth the price and is so simple to use and is easy to forget about it being on your wrist because it’s so light and comfortable! A brilliant purchase on my end!


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