Sony Smartband SWR10


I’m like a huge kid when it comes down to new gadgets and toys and all things in packages and neat little perspex boxes. But I’m also beginning to stay crazy about my fitness and particular – my steps done in a day and how many calories I’ve burnt etc.. (yes I will admit I’m a calorie counter to stay healthy and in shape).

So of course admitting these things, you can imagine my excitement when I was told about the Sony Smartband SWR10 which links up to Sony’s Lifelog App. I use my Lifelog app daily, and especially in the gym and through all my daily commutes and random walkies, it’s nice to be able to see how active you are on a day to day basis. Well for me it is anyway.

So I purchased the band off Amazon – it was a bargain for £30 including free delivery compared to other retailers and Sony themselves who sell it for £71.99 or prices around that range. So my reaction of course – sod it let’s get it.

Having only heard of it once when it released and then once again recently I did some research into them and found them to be pretty damn cool where even without the need for a screen, it alerts you of messages, you can control your Walkman App and it still syncs to Lifelog all the time while you are on the go! 

Now then, I’ve only had it for less than a day but I will be doing a full review soon of 1 week of usage daily and a few weeks after!

Ps: It’s also waterproof and comes with 2 size bands to fit your wrist so if you’re an activity junkie like myself and have a Sony Smartphone with Android KitKat 4.4 or later – get yourself a Smartband!


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