The Interview OOTD

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So I’ve been going through a few stages of interviews lately and I’m constantly sending snaps to everyone asking if it looks good or not etc. (you know the drill for trying to get a good outfit together). So for my interview earlier today – this was my little OOTD!

The Interview OOTD

Outfit: Shirt – Dorothy Perkins (£12) | Skirt – New Look (£16.99) | Boots – Topshop (£20) | Necklace – New Look | Watch – KiwiMango (@ilovekiwimango) | Bracelet – SoTrendee (@sotrendeeinc)

I loved my outfit today! It was smart yet cool enough for this Great British “Heatwave” Rainy season – I feel like we should be having monsoons at this rate with this weather change – but it worked well enough for me. I get a bit bored of sticking to doing the infamous cream & black or black & white outfits for interviews.. it looks too plain sometimes and I’m quite a colourful person!

I have another interview on Friday afternoon too after a morning shift at Fuel – any suggestions on an outfit or colour scheme?! So stuck!


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