Cooking With Kale

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So I’ve been hitting up the gym and sticking on a clean eating diet since December 2014, and I’m so proud to say that I’ve finally been seeing some results after being a bit uncomfortable at how much weight I had put on after being a good body shape for a few years in a row.

But one of my favourite meals after having a good gym session is scrambled eggs. Only thing is – it gets a bit boring having them plain all the time or just with herbs and spices. So I’ve braved myself up to finally try Kale – I feel like I’ve missed out on goodness my entire life of never hearing about it or trying it! So I made my usual post gym meal, with kale:

Scrambled Eggs with Peppers and Kale

It looks a bit odd, I do accept that but it was so healthy and beneficial to my body after doing an all over cardio workout. My recipe for goodness being less than 200kcal was:

2x Scrambled Eggs (Medium/Large), 1x Small Handful Of Tesco Curly Kale, 1x Red Pepper Cheek, 1x Green Pepper Cheek, 1/2 Yellow Pepper Cheek & 1/2 Serving (1 tbsp) of Milled Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of the most beneficial foods to add in to your diet – they have countless positives! Adding them in to your meals is so simple and they can be bought from almost anywhere (probably best from Holland & Barretts in their buy one get one half price sale or others). A normal serving is 2 dessert spoonfuls but I find that to be too powdery in my food and it ends up killing the taste, so I’m building my tolerance by going half a serving per meal and increasing it slowly.

It tasted absolutely yummy and I also added in a bit of ground black pepper too to amplify the taste. It is definitely my most common meal for breakfast after gym as I always go workout on an empty stomach (it does actually allow me to have more strength and stamina) so it fills me up perfectly but doesn’t leave me feeling over-stuffed or sluggish after.


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