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(Apologies for the lack of blogging – have been a bit ill lately!) But on Saturday I had a bit of an important event going on that required me to bring out the Indian-ness in me and go a little cultural into a Punjabi suit. So, this was the Indian OOTD.

The Asian OOTD

(Apologies again for the messy room – there was a lot of rushing around to get ready)

So it had been a while since I bought my suit but Asian fashion is always changing with styles and cuts and weirdly, it’s harder to keep up with styles in Indian fashion than it is in ‘Western’ shall we say. But my favourite style – sleeveless cut dresses with ‘Salwaar’ bottoms (bit like harem pants but not heavily cuffed at the bottom).

The Asian OOTD Selfie

This is one of my absolute favourite suits and it only hit me on Friday night that I own a lot of purple ones too! But of course like all outfits it required accessorizing and it wasn’t too bad when my statement necklace from New Look was the exact colour scheme of my suit and my ring from Argento was antique gold to match too. Paired with simple studs so it wasn’t too blingy, it worked amazingly well and was a outfit well sorted for a day of having to make a really good impression!

I love wearing flats with my suits as it’s just so much more practical and comfy too (it was a good job too as Saturday involved a lot of walking around and helping out) so I always stick with traditional Indian ‘Mojeh’ (embellished pumps) which are all nice and padded inside too!

As more and more events keep coming up it’s always necessary to go suit shopping – have any of you got a favourite style of suit you buy or wear?

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