The Sunday Selfies OOTD


(Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion post!)

So today I was out with my best friend and for a lazy Sunday vibe going to the park and then the pub to eat, I decided in warm summer sunshine, cool whites would be perfect enough to match my awesome new shoes that I now have an absolute new found love for – this post is pretty much dedicated to them.

Now I absolutely used to hate Snakeskin for some reason, but recently I’ve sort of kinda fell in love with it. I was given a statement snakeskin necklace for my birthday by my best friend and since then it sort of just grew on me… so of course as it was the only snakeskin item I owned, I needed something to match – hence the new shoes.

New Look Statement Necklace

So my outfit for today in this glorious sunshine after a week of rain: Shoes – Topshop (£20) | Jeans – Miss Selfridge (£27) |  T-Shirt – New Look (£5) | Necklace – New Look (£19.99) | Bracelet – SoTrendee ($5.99)

Sunday Selfie OOTD

They are officially my favourite pair of shoes, I understand why near enough every girl has a pair and girls if you don’t have them, invest! I have to scream it to you to invest! They are so comfy and padded inside so they’re great for long walks and sporty days and for £20 (£18 with student discount) they are literally the greatest investment I have made this week!

So of course heading out to see my bestie involved taking the obligatory car selfies… But I did love my outfit today even though it was so simple, sometimes a necklace needs a co-ord and what better thing to match it with than shoes 😉

Sunday Car Selfie OOTD


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