A Cool Indian Summer

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So I’ve been a bit super psyched lately where I’ve got some more cases out for sale with Zing Cases! Following on from a pattern I previously drew a little while ago (think it was a month or so ago) I edited it to make some colourful versions that could be released for you all to have as a phone case design! The result?

 Cool Indian Summer Cases Preview

I was so happy to see these launched and with vibrant colours too they’re so perfect for summer! There’s more like these available on the website and my tricolour range is also coming to life in the cases soon with a build-up starting and the first release of them being my case called “Parisian Blues” featuring my blue and purple tricolour design which I created earlier this year! Take a peak:

Parisian Blues Case Design Pattern stock image

All of my cases are available to view online on the Zing Cases Website by searching “Simran”. Thank you all for your support so far and can’t wait to share the next set of arrivals with you all soon!

Ps: I’ve ordered my cases and absolutely cannot wait to show you what they look like! I can see them getting robbed by everyone I know who owns and Xperia Z3 too! 

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