It’s OffTheRails


So I follow a lot of worldwide clothing companies on Instagram who aren’t big label brands like ASOS or H&M but are smaller retail companies who still have awesome designs. I came across an account the other day called OffTheRails and checked out their page and website – what do you know, I fell in love.

Their clothing is different and so unique! It’s unisex (although they do have different tops and clothing items for women) as well as having accessories on their store and various other cool things. But I came across one particular top on their Instagram that I wanted, and I wanted it bad. The “Hand Of God Tee” also known as a Hamsa Hand T-Shirt and guess what, they reduced it to £5.99 from £11.99 and I thought sod it, it’s mine.

It did take a little while to come in delivery although it does get sent first class, but I suppose it was worth the wait. It looked absolutely awesome and for being a guys tshirt (I ordered a Medium too), it rocks out pretty darn well with curly hair and a pair of skinnies and Nike Air Flights.

Off The Rails Hand Of God Tshirt.jpg

(Oh yeah, me and my sister also invested in a selfie stick last week so it did feel kind of necessary to include it in a blog post! & It was pretty sweet that after I uploaded my #offtherails selfie, they reposted it on their Instagram page too!)

So wearing this on Saturday down to my Sister’s Boyfriend’s house cooking worked out pretty well too (I dirtied it already!) but even the boys loved it and for me being quite a intricate designer, it’s absolutely one of my favourite t-shirts ever. Super comfortable, easy to style and the essential black and white design = perfect all rounder!

Off The Rails Saturday OOTD


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