My Bracelets Are SoTrendee


So after seeing these bracelets for over a year now, I decided that I wanted some for my birthday! After my best friend told me I was still allowed more things as part of my present bundle, I sent over the links for a bunch of SoTrendee bracelets, and I got my chosen 4 plus an extra additional!

I am absolutely in love with them! I’m a huge sucker for bracelets and clustering them all together to make a whole arm candy look so for 5-6 charms and symbols to be tied into one strappy bracelet is perfect and looks amazing with any outfit (as I tried out yesterday)! So my chosen ones were:

SoTrendee Bracelets

But I found that they do awesome offers across their Instagram and their current promotion was spend over $26 and comment in the checkout box “FAITH” to receive an additional bracelet set absolutely free! As all the sets starts at $5.99 and go up in price most of my sets were $7.99 and there was a few in sale too so I picked another out from there for $3.99 – it’s great as the conversion price works out to be around £5.30 per set so it’s even cheaper than accessorize and New Look!

So my free bracelet was this – and although it wasn’t a colour I would normally pick out first, I still quite like the combination and found it to be something different and would still work with majority of my summer outfits too!

SoTrendee Bracelet Additional

I absolutely love my bracelets and I’m so grateful I chose them as my birthday presents! They can be styled with absolutely any outfit and make accessory choosing so much easier for OOTD’s!

I would definitely recommend checking out their website girls – they sell loads of necklaces and other accessories too but for me their bracelets are a highlight! I do have to forewarn – your basket will probably look similar to mine and total up to $150 at first and they do charge a small amount for delivery but they have loads of combinations and colours so there truly is a bracelet for everyone!

SoTrendee Bracelets


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