The Rules of Engagement


Social media can be quite tedious for a new business and it can almost feel impossible to get your content out there, shared, liked, commented on and engaged with. We’ve all tried to do it before whether you’re self-employed, a millionaire corporation or just a simple blogger like I am.

Trying to reach across and engage with users is key for every person but there are rules to engagement and engagement is key. People think it’s “pointless” or “time-consuming”, but with the 1 minute it takes to reply, you could have potentially gained another 3-100 followers and actually felt a potential customer feel special or satisfied that they heard back from you ASAP.

Rule #1 – Reply Back!

Don’t ignore your users as they can be loyal and/or potential customers, future employees or brand ambassadors and bloggers. Everybody likes to be noticed on social media, even for the smallest thing – it makes us feel recognised and special otherwise all we often tend to do is complain or share various types of media or our gaming achievements. Simply replying back to a person who asks a question can make a huge difference and it all counts towards customer service. It’s part of the Social CRM Sales Cycle.

Rule #2 – Don’t Leave It Too Long…

All social media users expect a reply back within 1 hour. The longer you leave the response, the higher the chance of the user feeling bored, unloved and has probably moved on to a different company who tweeted them back straight away. Tweets and statuses often get lost in timeline feeds with the rapid flowing consistency of millions of users talking in one large chat room, so be sure to make your user feel recognised amongst your 1.5million following and mentions list.

Rule #3 – Make Use Of Graphics 🙂

We all love graphics and sometimes responsive ones are the greatest! They add a sense of light-hearted humour to the conversation and sometimes it can be needed (as long as it’s not in the middle of a huge complaint!). Graphics often get shared and viral videos are the greatest, even if it’s of an epic fail. Trial out some rich media techniques and monitor the responses, chances are, it’ll work out 150% better than a normal text reply alone.

Rule #4 – Hold Open Q&A’s With #Ask___

Create a trend across social media and get your users to participate. Open Q&A’s often work best as it’s a chance for users to see there is someone there behind a screen actually responding to them rather than Hootsuite or TweetDeck. Using the hashtag #Ask___ always trends quite easily and is popular amongst hundreds of brands and bloggers, so make time for the opportunity and publicise it like you’ve just launched a sale line.

Rule #5 – Set Times To Be Active

If you’re a company who do not have masses amounts of time to be responsive, set days and times that somebody logs on from the office to reply back and talks to others on social media. Even if it’s just 15 minutes in the mornings and evenings, it makes a huge difference and can benefit you’re company massively.

Social media engagement isn’t hard, and it doesn’t ever need to be either. It’s light, airy, open to the world and is used 24/7, 365 days a year by all ages and genders but it’s become one of the most leading sales generators and this is where companies can go wrong by not being active. 

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