A Weekend In Paris – Day 2

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So following on from my day 1 round-up, we kicked off day 2 a little late this time! With an aim to get up first thing in the morning (9am for us!) we didn’t get up until 11.30am! Good job we never booked breakfast at the hotel!

We started off our day by getting ready and running out of the hotel for munchies and landed in Costa for a morning brunch before heading down to the nearest main station by us – Gare Du Nord. We jumped on the metro line from Anvers down to La Chapelle and walked it across their equivalent of Leicester’s Belgrave road and saw so many Indian Suit and jewellery shops including places that sold butter chicken and kebabs – we were amazed it was all in one area!

Costa Breakfast Saturday Morning

After walking to Gare Du Nord and through their mini shopping complex inside, we took the metro line to Cite which took us directly onto the middle island in central Paris where Saint Chapelle, Notre Dame and Pont Neuf was – everywhere where I wanted to go in the morning basically! It was gorgeous weather for it and so breezy too but the streets of Paris were bustling as ever and the sights to see were amazing.

Saint Chapelle and Notre Dame

Saint Chapelle was amazing – the architecture of the building was beautiful and such an amazing sight to see once you walk out of the metro station. After walking around we went to the opposite end of the little island and headed for Pont Neuf (Lovelock bridge) as I bought 2 padlocks to hook onto there and was super excited to do it. We passed by The Palace of Justice where we visited for my 16th birthday and walked up the streets opposite and stopped at this cute cafe – so we had to revisit and walk up it again.

Palace of Justice

Pont Neuf Lovelock Bridge

After chilling out in the sun for a little while and feeling like we were getting tanned – we headed back on our walks to aim for Arc De Triomphe, Champ Elysees and a mini, well deserved shopping spree to treat ourselves and a quick pit stop at Starbucks for well, coffee and of course food. We jumped off on the metro at the bottom of the strip and walked up the whole of the road to reach the top – the landmark Arc.

Champ Elysees and Arc De Triomphe

Shopping was super busy but so much fun! The sizes of their shops amazed me – with a 3 floor H&M just for womenswear and childrens and mens mixed in, it was like walking into heaven. After a long walk with aching feet we headed back to the hotel to relax, shower up, get changed and head out for our second and final dinner of the weekend.

End of Shopping & Getting Ready

I was so so so so so in loooveeeeeee with my outfit – I loved how it came out for being so basic! My bottoms were from New Look (£14.99), my top was from Topshop, my boots were my favourite Chelsea Boots from Topshop and the necklace was from eBay (a Chinese retailer for £4). It was casual yet smart enough for a night out after too (as Paris is waaaay different to a night out in the UK), but it worked well enough!

We went to dinner at an Italian restaurant (Dulcinea) that was known for their Pizzas and Pastas – boy was their pasta amazing! I ordered the Salmon Linguine and oh my gosh, it was delicious to the point where I couldn’t finish it (and mind you their portions were huge)! It was gorgeous and so filling, you could taste every flavour and it was perfect value for money too – my sister even struggled to finish her Margherita, but I do give her credit for trying.

Dinner at Dulcinea Ristorante

After dinner we headed for our night in Pigalle! With the Moulin Rouge right at the top of the street from the restaurant, we knew were in a very amusing but amazing place for a good night. We stopped out for 1 drink (we were actually too tired for a good proper long night out) and checked out what was around us (minus all of the private “massage” and bars) but it was crazy to see how different their nights out are to ours – they play the same music if not better and go wild at tunes! It was definitely an experience!

A Night Out In Pigalle and Moulin Rouge

We headed back about 2 hours after and decided to call it a night to get some sleep as we had to be up the next day at 7.30am (Paris time so 6.30am normally for us!).

Enroute Charles De Gaulle

The next morning was a very early start of one and mainly just involved travelling from the hotel to Aeroport Charles De Gaulle. We were super hungry when we got to the airport after listening to a guy on the RER singing for us live and wound up with a salad and sushi with a chocolate eclair and brownies for breakfast – not the ideal or the healthiest but it sure filled us up!

Sushi and Brownies for Breakfast

We had gorgeous sunshine and it seriously made us regret leaving at 12.30 in the afternoon – it was 22 degrees sunshine with no breeze just pure heat – oh yes, we made a mistake to come back to 13 degrees grey skies and winds. #HolidayBluesAlready – but we had a little wonder around duty free there and picked up a 1 litre bottle of Martini Bianco for 10 euros and a nice bottle of vino rouge for 15. – Not bad if we say so ourselves and it used up the last of our euros well too!

Duty Free and Boarding

Paris was amazing and I seriously cannot wait to go back already! Have any of you been or going any time soon and what’s your to-do list for there? 😀

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