A Powder Wishlist


So after browsing around (as you do) I came across a cutesy brand called ‘Powder‘ that sell all things faux fur, scarves, gloves and accessories wise! I love them! So my wishlist round up you ask… Is as follows:

1) The Chamonix Faux Fur Headband

The moment I clicked onto the Faux Fur tab on the website – I fell in love! I’ve been searching for a faux fur headband for ages and although it’s spring, with the Festival/Bohemian vibe still in season, it’s super cute to pair up with a lace top, ripped shorts, brown boots and a fringed messenger bag!


2) The Ingrid Gloves

Vintage, Rock & Roll, Grunge, Hounds Tooth, Gingham – every trend that comes and goes and these gloves would suit them all! I’m not normally a pinky person, however the contrast on these look absolutely gorgeous and are a statement in themselves and would look amazing paired with a white or black skater and a magenta blazer and heels – hounds tooth met girly kind of vibe! They’re also available in 3 other colours too so there’s a colour for everyone.


3) The Winter Birds Print Scarf

Ok so they might be called ‘Winter Birds’ but the scarf looks absolutely adorable and actually quite perfect for summer with the use of cool whites mixed with reds and oranges – it’s a summer dream! I’m still going through a scarf craze and really need to update my collection again as I didn’t get any from Paris so this scarf would be sweet for summer! Pairing it for a practical park date – I’d match it with a fitted white tshirt, orange skater skirt and white pumps or trainers with a beige/tan coloured bag.

4) The Capri Scarf

Bright and light. My 2 words to sum up how pretty this scarf is! With the ruched effect and ruffles to make it sit bouncy around your neck, it’s perfect for a casual outfit with summer on the horizon. Pairing with white crochet ballerina pumps, light denim (ripped) jeans and a white tee with a beige bag, it’s a date! Ps: It’s also available in shades of pink, orange and yellow labelled ‘Raspberry’ on-line!


5) The Maisie Scarf

Simple yet effective and it slightly resembles Japanese blossom, it’s spring wardrobe worthy! I love everything grey, all 50 shades 😉 so having a grey scarf is needed and works all year round! It’s simple and perfect to dress up or down and would look stunning with a tailored pink midi skater, a white clutch bag and heels and a lightweight grey jacket – voila, it’s a date, party and meeting worthy scarf in one!

Powder really do have some amazing accessories and their range is gorgeous and looks so elegant for a high-street worthy price too! It was amazing to see them on Instagram and Pinterest too so it’s definitely worthwhile checking them out to see their collection so you can take a wonder for yourselves too!
Their products also come with complimentary gift packaging so if you have a friend’s or family member’s birthday coming up and they love their spring/summer wardrobe essentials – they are definitely worthwhile looking at! 

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