A Weekend In Paris – Day 1

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So, I spent my birthday weekend in Paris this year (hence the lack of blogging going on!) and it was absolutely amazing! It was just a trip between me and my sister but it was so well needed and worth it to celebrate my 19th birthday in one of my most favourite cities in the world.

After first visiting Paris for my 16th birthday, I always vowed that I would go back. It was meant to be last year but unfortunately I didn’t have enough saved up, so this year I made it a promise to myself that I would go back. And I did with my sister and we had the most amazing time touring around, running around, toning up, losing weight and eating really healthily!

As we did a lot – I had to split my trip into 2 blog posts otherwise it would have been a marathon of a read! So day 1: Friday 22nd May 2015 – My Birthday!

We woke up around 2.45am to get ready and have breakfast (somehow) at home and leave for Birmingham airport. Our flight was at 6.25am meaning we would arrive at 9.05am EST – we had to leave by 4am after doing online check in allowing us the obligatory time in duty free and get some proper food down us, or coffee at least!

Duty Free Birmingham International Airport

After arriving at the airport and getting our boarding passes, passing through security and getting frisked we wondered around duty free. Surprisingly we picked up nothing apart from hairspray and my sister bought a cute little Pandora charm! We did the obligatory phone calls and texts to everyone to say we were taking off and we were off after running to the gate on final call! We met 2 awesome guys too who were travelling to Paris and staying in Pigalle to – one of them shared the same birthday as me too!

The Aeroplane To Paris

It was the smoothest flight ever with no turbulence and the most perfect landing without the crash bang element. We arrived early into Paris so we straight away got off the plan, passed through security and we were off to buy Metro tickets and get the RER into the city. We met this weird guy on the RER – he was quite cheeky actually but I suppose he made a 40 minute journey quite entertaining I guess. Once we arrived we were a little lost as to where the hell we go from the mini main station “Gare Du Nord” which was apparently only 20 minutes away from our hotel so it made sense to come off there. There was meant to be a metro line that went to it but we were a little lost and walked in the opposite direction for all of 10 minutes before realising we needed to go the other way.

Once we finally worked out the way we arrived into Pigalle and at the hotel where we were staying – Hotel Libertel Montmarte Duperre on Rue De Duperre just around Place De Pigalle. It was absolutely lovely and looked so clean and modern inside. As we arrived early we left our luggage in the baggage room downstairs and went back out after whatsapping and lunch (well a proper breakfast really).

Lunch at Brioche Doree

We stopped at a cafe on the corner called Brioche Doree and I had an amazing tasting Salmon, Mustard & Coriander baguette (it sounds weird as anything but it tasted good!) and worked out our route around and got a bit familiar with the area. After eating we headed for the first attraction – La Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre and around Montmarte and Pigalle itself. As where we were staying we had a variety of shops, cafes and bars near us – we decided we wanted to look into a few along the way just to see what was around.

Enroute Sacre Coeur

Basilisque De Sacre Coeur was absolutely beautiful – even though I’m not a Christian, it is impossible to deny the architecture of the Church was stunning and well worth the 100+ stairs we climbed up and down to visit it. It was a gorgeous place to see and the view of Paris from it was breathtaking.

Basilica Sacre Coeur

We went around the Church and saw they had a market on so took a little peak and came back down onto normal ground level round the back so we got another mini oversight of Paris from the back. We decided to take different streets back to the hotel and wonder around Montmarte on the way back – there were so many different cutesy shops around – it’s one of many reasons why I love Paris!

Walk Back From Sacre Coeur

Walk Around Montmarte

After our walk around we decided to head back to the hotel – our feet were hurting a little at this point! We took a hilarious walk back through the top end of Pigalle from the Blanche metro station looking at all the various ‘exciting “supermarkets” and joints’ were around us. But to our pleasure our room was beautifully comfortable and located away from all of those places but had a conveniently located bar and restaurant right opposite us! At this point we crashed out for a good hour or so and I turned into Dora the Explorer to plan our journeys for the afternoon.

The Hotel Room

So here was where the real sightseeing began! My itinerary I planned for the afternoon consisted of: La Madeleine, Concorde Square, Louvre Museum & Tulieries Gardens & The Eiffel Tower (ideally by night but evening did suffice). We ended up seeing Musee De Orsay and a Ministry too which was so beautiful. Naturally we stopped for a drink in between – you’ll be surprised at how much we walked (I’ll share the step count at the end!):

Afternoon In Paris Day 1

By the end of this you can imagine we were absolutely shattered! We walked from each sight and our feet were absolutely killing! We headed back to the hotel to get an hours sleep and relax for a little while before showering up and getting ready to go our for the first of two evening meals for our trip. Of course – us being lazy at this point, we decided to go to the bar/restaurant opposite the hotel – Long Island Bar – and the food here was absolutely gorgeous! I HAD DUCK FINALLY!

Birthday Evening Meal & Night

My dress was from AX Paris – it was one of the presents from my mum and I was allowed to take it with me (yay!) and of course I paired it with one of my necklaces from Argento and my Topshop Chelsea Boots. My hair had forever annoyed me all day so I left it in a plait to keep it tamed!

So that was the round-up of my birthday day and day 1 of our trip to Paris – 25,000 steps, 6500 calories later! Oh yes, no exaggeration at all, it definitely made me lose weight.. I think that’s how I’ve just got so toned up so fast! Day 2 round-up on the next post! 😀 x


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