The Birthday Presents Roundup

(Sorry it’s been so long – I’ve been a bit busy..which will be revealed soon!)

So it was my birthday on Friday (22nd) and I was a little spoilt by my family and best friend who bought me a lot of amazing things I’ve wanted for a little while! It was amazing and I loved every single one of them (including the gift bags which were super super cute!)

Birthday Presents Gift Bags

So I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Paris this year (blog post coming soon a it’s a big one!) and I spent the Sunday evening opening my presents instead of my actual birthday day. It included items off my wish list which I was so happy about – so I’ll share!

All of these were from my mum, dad and sister and the presents from my best friend are building slowly but surely… we’re in the process of finding the shoes for me to buy to max out the budget he set! – Separate blog post will be needed for these babies.

Birthday Presents From The Family

So I was given 4 dresses in total (including an AX Paris Stripey one – which will be in my Paris blog post) from River Island, AX Paris and Red Herring in Debenhams. I loved these and they are all perfect for different occasions – going out, going on holiday, a smarter wardrobe look and a casual day date look.

I was also given a Minion money pot! These are really cool but I hate breaking them! They’re designed to help you save as you have no way to access the money inside without breaking the whole pot so you can consistently keep adding money to it but have no way to remove it – clever right? I had one before which I broke and mum decided to replace it – but I’m being eco-friendly and recycling it as my emergency money bank!

My sister treated me to some gorgeous earrings and a bracelet from Argento and Accessorize as she knows I absolutely love gold jewellery and have nothing rose gold either even though it’s in season!

I was also gifted a gorgeous embellished clutch bag from New Look which I saw when I last went shopping with my mum and she bought it for me! Being bronzes, golds and shades of black, it’s perfect to go with almost all outfits so to celebrate my birthday night out this coming weekend in Birmingham – it’s coming with me!

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a little obsessed with how funny and cute pug dogs look! So I was given a book all about pugs and I have to admit it was a hilarious read! I was also given a chunky stappy bracelet with each line having a gold/silver/rose gold metal centre which can be engraved. The bracelet was branded in Bloom and sold on and they do sell some incredible jewellery there!

Finally – it was the Highcross Gift Card! As everyone knows I love to shop, they gave me a gift card so I could buy the rest of my wish list and anything else I saw! – Perfect right?!

Birthday Presents All Wrapped

I felt so spoilt but I loved everything and already can’t wait to start outfit matching with the new shoes that are on the way!

Have any of you got birthdays coming up soon and what’s your wishlist? 🙂


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