Summer Flowers Case Range

EEK! I’m so happy this week! I was shown that my phone cases I shared in a previous blog “Sneak Preview” have now been listed on the Zing Cases website and are live, online and in stock for sale!

So just to recap – I have recently designed a few cases for a Leicester based company called Zing Cases (who sell online and ship internationally) and this week they were put on their website and are ready to be sold! Of course I naturally had to share this across all of my social media and got a great response from everybody and the support from everyone has been amazing so far.

Simran Ghatt's phone cases for Zing Cases Preview

But now there’s been more developments and a few new additions… there’s a candy skull range coming soon too with the same design, just with additional designs! With it being summer and everyone loving colour (and my love for candy skulls is just unreal), these have been incorporated into the designs and are going to be uploaded soon!

Simran Ghatt's phone cases for Zing Cases Preview Candy Skull Version

I am literally feeling super excited, proud and so blessed right about now and love the fact that I have been given this opportunity but that everybody around me has been so supportive and love the designs. Hope you love them as much as I do!

To purchase these or see them online visit:ΒΒ 


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