The Marvel Encyclopedia

So after my sister sending me an image of a Marvel Encyclopaedia, I wanted it, and I wanted it baaaaaad. But guess what I was given :D.

I was super excited of course after falling in love with Spiderman and The Avengers (due to Iron Man & Captain America of course).. But of course from an illustration point of view and my love for comic books shining through, it was perfectly logical sense to have it. It’s like a comic book sketch inspiration Bible!

So of course, I have to share this with you… let’s take a sneak peak!

Marvel Comics Encyclopaedia

It looks so AMAZING! It weighs an absolute tonne of course due to how many characters there are and of course I haven’t event got started yet but I’m so excited to start reading and creating a masterpiece out of all the illustrations in there! So as it comes along and I fall in love more and more each time – I shall keep sharing!

Marvel Comics Encyclopaedia


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